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So Real Moby StP

So Real Moby StP

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We like how this realistic silicone STP has an internal texture designed for added pleasure. Check out our tester's review below!

The SoReal Moby STP/Packer was created to be realistic, comfortable, and easy to use and pack with. It features a wide funnel for easy peeing and has a very comfortable cup. 

Super Realistic: The SoReal STP Packer has realistic detailing with veins in the shaft and bumps in the skin. It is made of premium soft silicone that is pleasant to the touch and heats up quickly to body temperature.

Easy and comfortable to use: The hollow balls act as the funnel cup for the STP and have soft edges to prevent spills. Rinse after use (if possible) and wash with mild soap and warm water or a toy cleaner daily.

Play: Moby has soft ribbed nubs inside the cup for your pleasure.

Safe: Made of durable, high quality, premium silicone.

Dimensions: 5.75" Top of Shaft / 5.25" Under Shaft / 9" Total Length

How to Use: Like all STPs, a bit of practice is needed to get comfortable with peeing using the Moby. It is recommended to first practice at home in the shower to learn how to position the ball funnel cup base against you to create the proper seal. To avoid spillage, lean forward a little with slightly spread legs while urinating.


Please note: slight variations in color may occur and different computer screens can display the colors differently, so the color may not match what you see here exactly. 

Like all our products, all sales are final. Not all STPs work for all people and most take practice to get right. We cannot accept returns on these for any reason. 

What our reviewer had to say:

AESTHETICS: great! This STP has painted and molded details that make it look very realistic. 

FEEL: shaft silicone is soft and nice to squeeze. Pretty easy to fold up or down for packing. The balls sit nicely between the legs with the help of the tuck tab for alignment. The ribbed area that rests on the clit offers a delightful sensation when pressed up against the body. (Especially fun discovery when a partner was feeling me up and grabbed my crotch and my clit was stimulated thru the packer.) The super soft silicone does get sticky after washing and makes me concerned that the silicone would catch and rip on something but a little bit of powder brings it back to the soft feel without the stickiness.

PACKING: this thing feels great on my body when I have it packed close. It’s bigger than some other packers and definitely needs pretty tight underwear or boxers to pack in a non-boner looking way.

PEEING: Peeing with this was super easy. The tuck tab makes the seal stay in place better and the funnel, tube and opening at the end are large enough that there was never much overflow. I will say that the larger pee hole also makes aiming a little more difficult that with the Sam STP, but nothing a little practice didn’t solve. 

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