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Size Matters

Size Matters Pump

Size Matters Pump

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A great pump set for those looking for smaller cylinders. All the pieces are separate -- the cylinders are made of acrylic and have air valves that allow for quick release, and the hand-triggered pump has a pressure gauge and release valve for comfort and safety. 

Despite the femme-centric packaging of this item, it is also a great choice for trans guys looking to get into pumping. Because this is marketed as a clitoral pump, the packaging of this product is stereotypically feminine--there's lots of pink. For $1 more we'll be happy to remove this product from the box and ship in a clear plastic bag instead. 

Increase your sensitivity with this clitoral pumping system! Choose between small, medium or large cylinders. Use the flexible silicone hose to attach the cylinders to the pumping system. Feel safe and in control with a built-in pressure gauge that lets you see how intense the pressure is, and you can use it worry-free knowing that you can always use the quick-release valve to release pressure immediately when it gets too intense!

Use a little water based lube on any area you are suctioning before using the cylinders. Adjust for the perfect suction and then pump to your desired level. When you remove the hose, the cylinders remain suctioned. Wash with warm water and antibacterial soap after use. Kit includes a small bullet vibe to use on sensitive zones after pumping!

Materials: ABS plastic, acrylic, silicone, metal

The sizes of the cylinders are:

  • Small: 1.5" long .6" diameter
  • Medium: 1.5" long .7" diameter
  • Large: 1.9" long 1" diameter

If you are looking for a pump that is has bigger cylinders and is packaged for Trans Masc folks, click here

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