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Sam StP

Sam StP

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Made by one of our favorite packer makers, Sam is a 100% silicone Stand to Pee device that also doubles as a packer. New York Toy Collective worked for two years on this design and we think it might be something that fits the bill for many guys. With full round balls and a short but thick shaft, it make a nice package and a great STP. Pack it in your regular tight-fitting underwear or try it in the RodeoH Packing Boxers

Total length: 5 inches from testes to urethra opening. Girth: 1.5 inch shaft. See picture with measurements for more details. 

Each product is made by hand so please note: slight variations in color may occur and different computer screens can display the colors differently, so the color may not match what you see here exactly. 

Like all our products, all sales are final. Not all STPs work for all people and most take practice to get right. We cannot accept returns on these for any reason. 

Here is what our tester had to say about Sam:


Its amazing - so easy to just place without even thinking and it just goes. We all have different anatomy so it might not be the same for everyone. Example, for me, I had to move it around a couple of times to get it working (it took maybe 20 seconds), whereas I got my roommate (also FTM) to try it (just to see if it was different) and for him its like "plug and play" haha. He just puts it against him and it works perfectly.


This is one of the "cons" of the STP because it is a little bulky, thin, "girthy", and heavy. It takes some time to get adjusted by if you wear regular tight briefs, it works well, you just have to point it up the side so you don't look like you have a huge boner. The Rodeoh boxers are amazingggg though! If you wear the STP in the boxers alone it looks kind of like a boner but when you put pants on over it its fantastic (for reference, I wear super skinny jeans but I'm sure it would also work with reg jeans, once again, I got my rommie to try them also JUST to make sure because he doesn't wear skinny jeans and it looked great).

This item is made of 100% silicone. Pure silicone items are non-porous and can be washed with soap and water or toy cleaner. Non-vibrating 100% silicone items can be sterilized in boiling water or in the top rack of your dishwasher. 100% Silicone is latex & Phthalate-free and safe for most people with chemical sensitivities.



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