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P.I.M.P Flannel Pads

P.I.M.P Flannel Pads

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Who doesn't want a soft and good-looking hand-sewn menstrual pad?

Party in My Pants (P.I.M.P) makes your period better. These reusable flannel pads have snap closures instead of adhesive, and are super-thin while being ultra-absorbent. The inside material is super-soft cotton flannel and the backing is waterproof to protect against leaks.

They also fold up cleverly for tossing in your backpack. Amazing!

This company makes a wide variety of pads in many patterns but we asked them to create some for us in less feminine patterns and we are packaging these with no gendered language 'cause all kinds of people have periods!

Small - 7" X 2"
Medium - 10" x 2.5" 

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