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Mark One Packer

Mark One Packer

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Oh wow, this feels incredible! Not only does it look super realistic, but it has faux testicles that you can feel inside the balls. Made of silicone this is a durable and detailed packer. 

This hyper-realistic packer is perfect for packing all day, every day. The Mark One is designed using a multi-stage silicone layering process to provide amazing texture, detail, and movable ball sacs. The packer is then expertly painted for the ultimate in realism.
Mark One has a curved and skin textured top tab for a natural transition from your body and a slightly cupped back to ergonomically lay against the body for more stable packing.
• Movable and separate ball sacs
• Hygienic and easy to clean with soap and water.
• Realistic and squishy soft for extra comfort.
• Durable and high performance.
• Flaccid feel (not for penetrative sex).
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