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Gender X 4" Packer

Gender X 4" Packer

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This packer is a bit more substantial than most. Made of silicone, it is body-safe and long lasting. The extra material on the top allows for more secure packing. 

This penis packer is beautifully crafted in 100% silicone with a realistic look and feel. The life-like vein and wrinkle textures are designed with extreme attention to detail, constructed with squishy material that’s super-flexible. Its satisfying weight tucks securely into close-fitting underwear or packer holders. Waterproof and easy to clean.

To pack these many people use a tight pair of underwear, a jock-strap or a harness. You can also use any of our sweet packing straps or underwear. Please note that packers are not meant for penetration. We noticed some minor flaws on some of these packers. This does not affect their use in any way and is not a valid reason for return.

All colors are approximate and may vary slightly from this picture. Also please note item may have small cosmetic flaws which can include slight discoloration, minor dents or small air bubbles. Note that packers can absorb color from fabric, so yours may become discolored with use, depending on how you are wearing it. Discoloration after purchase is not a valid return reason. 

The conditions mentioned above are not a valid reason for return. 

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