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Banana Prosthetics

Banana Stroker Short (S1)

Banana Stroker Short (S1)

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From the folk who bring us the Banana Packers, we are pleased to offer this masturbation sleeve designed with trans guys in mind. 

  • Length of the shaft: 3-3.5" LENGTH OF SHAFTS VARY
  • Diameter: 1.25" 
  • Opening diameter: .5"
  • Internal length: 3"


The Stroker is a flaccid, flexible and realistic penis-shaped masturbator made from medical grade silicone and designed to be durable, flexible, and comfortable. The details and the soft texture with internal stimulation is sure to please. Growth of the "dickclit" is necessary for optimal use. If needed, use a water based lubricant only. Do not to unroll and stretch the stroker excessively like a sock to avoid premature tearing.

Note that these are handmade items and there will be air bubbles and the finish on the end may have some flaws and the hole may not be directly in the center of this item. These situations do not affect the stroker's suction capacity or durability and are not a valid reason for return. Also the colors may not look exactly as they appear on your computer screen. 

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