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Banana Prosthetics

Banana Packer: Uncircumcised SP1 - V2

Banana Packer: Uncircumcised SP1 - V2

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This is a super soft packer handmade in Canada. We like the squishy texture and the realistic details. Please note that this arrives in a tacky state but a little cornstarch power will take away the stickiness very easily. this is also an updated and different shape from the previous SP1 model.

Rod length: 7 cm / 3 inch

Circumference: 9cm / 3.5inch

Weight: 125 grammes

From the maker

This prosthesis is handcrafted with the goal of helping you feel better about yourself. This is an alternative that will hopefully make you feel more confident.

The natural effect of these details as well as its soft and non-sticky texture will satisfy you. All of our soft packers are soft and realistic, made from premium quality silicone they are designed to be durable, flexible and comfortable.


SP1 V2: The new generation of our famous SP1, This new uncut soft packer is ultra-natural and very comfortable, the format allows you to get used to it very quickly. Also recommended for athletes because this soft packer is light and comfortable.


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