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Aisle Reusable Pads

Aisle Reusable Pads

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We are excited to have found reusable period pads that purposefully come in packaging with no gendered language.

Available in three sizes. One pad per box.

Aisle Pads combine edge-to-edge leak protection with a patented cotton top layer that wicks fluid away from your body. Our high-performance reusable pads feel like your comfiest pair of cotton underwear.  

Thanks to our super-soaker absorbent core, our pads can hold up to 4X as much as the average disposable pad. 

To clean, just rinse in cool water, then wash and dry with your regular laundry. As with any garment, wash with like colors.

A few tips:
  • Avoid bleach or fabric softener - they'll decrease the performance and lifespan of your pads.
  • Don’t leave your pads soaking in water - this can lead to bacterial growth and mold.
  • Avoid frequent use of Hydrogen Peroxide and Oxygen bleach products - they might be great for removing blood stains but they’re also super harsh on natural fibers
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