The Butters PMS Rescue Cream


A soothing rub made with love. 

A relaxing cream rub to help with irritability, tummy issues, cramps, excess water retention, tension, hot flashes, sleep issues, and all those disquieting symptoms of hormonal dysregulation.
Initially made for a friend who suffers from intense cramping, constipation, and insomnia when it's time for their endometrium to rip itself out each month. PMS* Cream has become an invaluable resource for those with wacky endocrine systems, menopause, PCOS, PMS, rough menstruation, folks on HRT, and others.
The idea is that you use PMS* RESCUE along with your heating pad, massage, etc. PMS Rescue simply works to helps smooth out the flow of everything mentioned above. In the immediate, it's incredibly smoothing, soothing, and mood evening. At the very least, you should feel the internal growl of discomfort lose its edge, which can be enough to get you through the day. For many, the topical application of sage, evening primrose, and neem, can also help to balance hormonal issues.
How PMS* Rescue Active Ingredients Work:
Clary sage - Helps balance hormone production/regulate the endocrine system. Commonly offered as a treatment for menopause and PMS symptoms. Like basil, thyme, oregano, and other herbs, it’s also known for its ability to increase circulation, support the digestive system, improve eye health, and offer antibacterial/antifungal/antinflamatory properties through a species & region unique blend of fatty acids, vitamins, & other nutrients. Clary sage is also antispasmodic, meaning it smooths involuntary muscle movement, likely due to synergizing effect on the nervous system. This also effects cortisol and related stress levels; blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.
Lemongrass - Used as aromatherapy to relieve muscle pain, externally to kill bacteria, ward off insects, and reduce body aches, and internally to help your digestive system. Lemongrass essential oil is a source of essential vitamins such as vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, folate and vitamin C. It also provides essential minerals such as magnesium, phosphorous, manganese, copper, potassium, calcium, zinc and iron.
Evening Primrose - can help treat hormone/endocrine imbalances and associated problems in the body thank to its high concentration of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). This includes acne, PMS, cervical mucus production (possibly sperm motility - more research needed), male pattern baldness, menopause, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), obesity/metabolic function, & spotting. It also helps sooth psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, rosacea, & eczema. It's also a powerful anti-inflammatory and has been used to treat a wide range of aches and pains caused by swelling, such as bloating, breast tenderness and cramping associated with PMS and joint pain in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
Neem - rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs), triglycerides, vitamin E and calcium. Neem also stimulates collagen production, good for aging skin. Indeed, if used regularly, neem may help smooth wrinkles and fine lines while helping to prevent the signs of aging. Neem oil may prove to be a natural remedy for eczema symptoms — including dry, red, itchy skin — and be very soothing, but it will not cure the root causes for eczema. Neem oil has been used in traditional folk medicine and as a home remedy for acne because of the aspirin-like compound that helps rid the skin of bacteria.
Peppermint Essential Oil - Relieves tension and headaches related to it. Helps unclog your sinuses and works to clear mucus from your airways. Helps relax the muscles in the sinus cavity. Helps boost energy levels, improve alertness and memory. Helps settles upset tummy. Relieves itching and topical pains thanks to natural analgesic properties. Helps increase circulation and brings all the benefits that come with it. Decreases dandruff & skin flakiness. When used on skin, it boosts skins overall health.
Epsom salt - made of magnesium and sulfate - both easily absorbed through the skin and necessary for a healthy body. When used this way, it will help with pain relief,  relax the nervous system, soothe skin irritation, healing cuts, treating colds and congestion, and drawing toxins from the body. It will also help your body release toxins through sweat and on the porcelain throne.
How The Butters OG Moisturizer Works:
Each of The Butters' ingredients was chosen for their unique properties. For pure, easy to absorb moisture, we have aloe. For extended release moisture, conditioning and protection from ashiness, I add shea. To give your skin essential vitamins and lipids we have coconut and grapeseed oil. To protect from the elements and give your skin time to fully absorb the thinner oils, we add soy and palm oil. To hold that moisture to your skin, balance shine and absorb sweat, we have guar gum. Finally, to make sure your pH balanced, deodorized, clean and shining healthily, I add apple cider vinegar.
Nothing else you've tried will match the results or harmony that The Butters creates with the body. Inside and out, it works without worry. No one should be forced to choose between being ashy or greasy. Nor should we have to buy a menagerie of products at a hefty markup to help our body do its thing. The Butters works so well because it doesn't try to manufacture quick results; it supports and balances what you've already got.
Suggested usage: Apply over belly, lower back, any achy or bloated area and take a breather. Works well in conjunction with a heating pad or hot water bottle. Also works great as a bath melt.
2oz jar • Vegan
This is not a menstrual product "for women." This is made for anyone of any, all, or no genders who suffer from PMS or PMS-like symptoms - including those with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), rough menstruations, folks on HRT, etc. This isn't a medication. Ask your doctor if you're concerned about possible interactions.

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