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We are so happy these cards exist! Designed to help folks talk about gender and identity with their healthcare providers.

They are free (but if you want more than one, please request directly from the maker here)!  We will not fulfill requests for more than one card per customer and we will just send you one Q Card.  Also not we cannot ship these outside of the US.


The Q Card itself has a three-panel design that lets youth fill in their name, pronouns, sexual orientation, gender identity, and provides additional space for youth to list any concerns or questions. We imagine youth picking up a Q Card out in the world, filling it out (if that feels safe), and bringing it to an appointment with a healthcare provider (physician, nurse, naturopath, therapist, etc.). Then we hope that youth can use the Q Card to start (or continue) an open and honest conversation with their provider about privacy, confidentiality, and their healthcare needs. Youth can do this by handing the Q Card to a provider in the exam room, by reading through it with a provider, or simply by having a blank Q Card and talking about their answers to the different questions printed inside.

It is important that young patients understand what information healthcare providers can and cannot share with other people. By talking about what information it’s OK to share and with whom, youth and providers can build trusting relationships built on mutual respect. In addition, youth should feel safe in healthcare settings, and dialogue about confidentiality can help validate their experiences and encourage them to remain engaged in care. One they’ve established this level of trust, youth may feel more comfortable disclosing personal issues related to sexuality and gender.

The bottom panel of the Q Card is a tear-off, and is meant to be left with the healthcare provider. This panel has tips for providers on how to provide more sensitive care to queer youth. Of course, it is totally up to youth to decide what happens to the Q Card after the visit. They may decide to keep the whole thing, hand it over to a provider, or just tear off the bottom section and leave that after the visit.

Though the concept is simple, we believe that the Q Card has the potential to change the way queer youth interact with healthcare. 

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