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We are so excited to bring you these cute and super functional Gaffs!


We have all heard a horror story about tucking or even have some of our very own, but Hidden Candy is here to make sure that those tucking mishaps simply don't happen again.

No more wearing multiple pairs of panties that are too tight then saying a prayer that they hold you in place the way that you need them to. Our Original Premier Tucking Gaff™ panties will give you the confidence you need to walk through the world every day knowing that you are safely tucked away with no unsightly lumps or bumps in an area where you don't need or want them to be.

If you've never worn a gaff before or found them to be uncomfortable then an Original Premier Tucking Gaff from HiddenCandyBoutique.com is the answer you've been looking for!

It's all in the design...

The Original Premier Tucking Gaff™ is designed to be long enough and wide enough to fit everyone perfectly in the area that needs to be tucked, helping you to hide your candy with no pinching or slipping at all. Yoga Pants. Leggings. Bikinis. Dresses. Rompers. Jumpsuits. Anything and everything!!

With three layers of breathable cotton, elastic that is wide enough to sit on your waist comfortably and not leave an unsightly panty line, you will never want to wear anything else. Try one for yourself and see what hundreds of Girls Like Us have already experienced for themselves.

Please note that like all our items, we cannot accept returns or exchanges on these. 


Accuracy And Consistency Is How We Like To Do Things Here...

Sizing is based on your actual waist measurement and not an arbitrary and inaccurate 'dress size' or pants size. Since those sizes vary from one manufacturer or clothing company to the next, knowing your own waist measurement will ensure that the Original Premier Tucking Gaff™ you decide to purchase will fit you just right. 

Choose size X/S if your waist measures between 20 and 25 inches.

Choose S/M if your waist measures between 26 and 34 inches.

Choose size M/L if your waist measures between 35 and 40 inches.

Choose size X/L if your waist measures between 41 and 45 inches.

Photos courtesy of and copyright by Hidden Candy 

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