Trans* Resource Guide

Welcome to our Trans* Resource Guide. Please let us know if we are missing anything you think should be included. You can do that by emailing Searah here. 


Trans Bodies, Trans Selves: A Resource for the Transgender Community by Laura Erickson-Schroth

Trans Bodies, Trans Selves is a revolutionary resource-a comprehensive, reader-friendly guide for transgender people, with each chapter written by transgender or genderqueer authors. Inspired by Our Bodies, Ourselves, the classic and powerful compendium written for and by women, Trans Bodies, Trans Selves is widely accessible to the transgender population, providing authoritative information in an inclusive and respectful way and representing the collective knowledge base of dozens of influential experts. Each chapter takes the reader through an important transgender issue, such as race, religion, employment, medical and surgical transition, mental health topics, relationships, sexuality, parenthood, arts and culture, and many more.


Trans Forming Families: Real Stories About Transgendered Loved Ones, 2nd Edition by Mary Boenke (editor) 

Trans Forming Families editor Mary Boenke is the mother of an adult FTM son. In this compilation, she has collected 40 short accounts by parents, partners, children, and friends of transgender people, who describe their experiences coming to learn about and accept the trans people in their lives. Many trans people and their loved ones have found the stories in this book to be helpful during the early stages of transition. 

Transition and Beyond, Observations On Gender Identity by Reid Vanderburgh Written in an easy-to-read style, 

Transition and Beyond will help anyone seeking accurate information about what it means (and doesn't mean) to be transgender. Transition and Beyond addresses many topics, including partner/spouse responses, telling family members, fundamentalists transitioning, addiction and transition, workplace disclosure, youth and transition, learing the "rules" of a new gender role, considering "post-transition," and more. A good book for trans people, family members and friends, and therapists. Author Reid Vanderburgh is a licensed therapist and someone who transitioned (female-to-male) in the mid-1990s. 



• RAD Remedy

RAD Remedy is dedicated to connecting trans, gender non-conforming, intersex, and queer folks to accurate, safe, respectful, and comprehensive care.

• Q Card

A free card you can get to help you communicate about your gender and identity with your health care provider. 

• TransPulse

This is a website with a whole lot of chat boards and forums for folks across the gender spectrum and their families and friends as well.

• Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition 

The Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC) is dedicated to ending discrimination on the basis of gender identity and gender expression. We envision a world where persons of all genders are treated with respect and fully participate in all areas of society, free from fear of prohibition, harassment or violence based on their gender identity and/or expression. To that end we educate the public, advocate with state, local, and federal government, engage in political activism, and encourage empowerment of community members through collective action. 

• Transfamily (OHIO) 

TransFamily is a transgender support group in the Cleveland, Ohio metropolitan area. We hold regular support group meetings in Cleveland and Akron that are open to everyone. This in inclusive of all transgendered subcategories, e.g.  FTM, MTF, cross dresser, gender bender, questioning one's gender or orientation, etc. Family members, friends, parents and spouse are welcome at the meetings. (UNITED KINGDOM) Family and individual support for teens and kids with gender identity issues in the UK 

• Ruth Ellis Center (MI)

The Ruth Ellis Center, incorporated in 1999, is a youth social services agency that serves the needs of runaway, homeless and at-risk youth.  We are one of the nation’s leading experts on vulnerable youth who are experiencing residential instability.  The mission of the Center is to “provide short and long-term residential safe space and support services for runaway, homeless, and at-risk lesbian, gay, bi-attractional, transgender, and questioning youth.”  The REC is the only organization in the country that has a Residential program for LGBTQ youth in the foster care and juvenile justice system, and is mission specific to LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness.

• Trans Youth Family Allies 

TYFA empowers children and families by partnering with educators, service providers and communities, to develop supportive environments in which gender may be expressed and respected. We envision a society free of suicide and violence in which ALL children are respected and celebrated.

• Illinois Gender Advocates 

Illinois Gender Advocates exist to bring equality and prosperity to the transgender people and our allies in Illinois through public education, networking, and government petition. 

 • Gender Spectrum 

Gender Spectrum provides education, training and support to help create a gender sensitive and inclusive environment for all children and teens. 

• World Professional Association for Transgender Healt 

Has database of Trans-friendly health care providers 

• The Transformative Justice Law Project of Illinois 

The Transformative Justice Law Project of Illinois (TJLP) is a collective of radical lawyers, social workers, activists, and community organizers who are deeply committed to prison abolition, transformative justice, and gender self-determination. 



• Gender Odyssey 

• Southern Comfort Conference

• Philadelphia Trans Health Conference