Masho Packer


The Masho Packer is a much requested packer from Japan that we are able to offer in limited quantities. Similar to the small Classic Packy, this a made of a soft-skin type of material that has a nice squishy feel to it. Unlike the Classic Packy however, it has a more natural-looking angle to it and the balls are fully rounded (with no flat side).


The only downside to Masho is that we only have the one size and color available right now. The maker calls this version Firm but we think it is just a smidgen firmer than the Classic Packy



• Length from base to tip 4.0 inches
• Length from ball to tip 2.75 inches
• Shaft width 1.25 inches


Softskin packers are porous, can be washed with soap and water or toy cleaner and then dusted with cornstarch after washing and air-drying to return the toy back to its original "life-like" texture. We suggest that you wear this in a harness, packing strap or pocketed jock strap so that the item is not sitting up against your body as this item is porous and the full list of the chemicals and materials used to make this are not available to us. 

To keep your packer happy longer do not use with a metal ring. 

Note that this packer, like most things made of porous materials, can absorb color from fabric, so yours may become discolored with use, depending on how you are wearing it. Discoloration after purchase is not a valid return reason. 

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