NYTC Packing Pouch


The clever packing pouch design has magnets that fasten around the waistband of your underwear (so just a small flap is on the outside of the unders - or pants if you go commando). Super easy to wear and holds that packer securely in place!

These are about 4" wide and 7.5" long when closed. 

Works well with most of the packers but is a little too small for Juan and other Large styles of packers. Email us at info@ftmessentials.com if you have questions about compatibility with a specific Packer in our collection. Not for use with STPs.

Made of a moisture wicking microfiber fabric with removable magnets. Wash gently and be sure to remove the magnets before laundering. 

Want this to have a stronger hold? Order with an extra set of magnets and use both magnet plates at the same time. Extra set comes with 1 magnet plate and one plain metal plate. 

Need more magnets for a pouch you already have? You can order more magnets here.

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