GoGirl STP Device


Another innovative device that lets you pee standing up! This compact device is made of flexible silicone and comes neatly packed in a small tube for easy transport and storage. Great for icky bathrooms, camping or anywhere where standing to pee will make life better.

HOW TO USE: The best way to hold GG is by using your thumb and middle finger, stretching from front to back. Because it's made of a medical-grade silicone, it's flexible and works with any body shape. Maintaining a seal on the back-end is key. It's best not to hold GoGirl from side-to-side.

Applying too much pressure on the sides can cause it to collapse, which can break the seal in the back.

Try it a few times at home to master your technique so you'll know what to expect and feel more confident when you need GoGirl on the go. Don't get discouraged if you dribble the first time or two. With a little practice GoGirl will work perfectly every time.

Package includes: 
• STP device made of medical grade silicone 
• Storage / dispose baggie 
• Two tissues 
• Compact storage tube

As is the case with all StPs, we cannot guarantee that this product will work for you. Most StPs take some practice using before you take it out in the real world. Please note that all sales are final. 

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