RodeoH No-Fly Boxer: Colors!


You know that thing when your packer falls out of your pants leg? Yeah. : (

Well no more of that with these soft and comfy packing boxers! With a deep pocket inside to hold pretty much any packer, these will securely keep your bits in place!

These colors are limited edition (for now at least) so snap 'em up! 

Note there is no hole and no fly on this. This is solely for soft-packing. The maker recommends ordering a full size larger than marked (So if you measure your natural waist at 27-29" order the 30-32" so they are comfy). 


Care Instructions:
Machine wash cold, Tumble dry low.

Made of 95% Cotton/5% spandex. 

Do not boil, eat or put in the dryer. Packer not included. 

Unlike other RodeoH items, these do not come in a storage bag.


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